Partner Spotlight: Remote Energy

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Core to our mission is the belief that we should leverage, connect, and grow existing knowledge. For Myanmar’s 13,000+ existing mini-grids, this means supporting the hard-earned skills of the country’s rural electricians, rather than relegating them for their flaws. Within our team, this means tapping into each person’s unique skills and attributes and allowing the flexibility to explore the boundaries of them. And in our programs, this means partnering with other organizations so that they can continue to do what they do best.

This is why we are very proud to be partnering with Remote Energy, a US-based non-profit with more than 60 years of combined knowledge as electricians and PV professionals. Remote Energy is comprised of a team of experienced, multilingual solar experts who specialize in technical capacity building programs and solar electric system implementation. They have conducted training activities and developed programs in more than 25 countries worldwide. The Remote Energy team is relentlessly committed to empowering people with the knowledge and technical skills to make positive changes in their lives and in their communities.

The collaboration between Mee Panyar and Remote Energy is an excellent example of two organizations bringing together essential pieces of a puzzle, using customized capacity building programs to empower local technicians and enable sustainable energy development in rural, underserved communities. We are working together not only to energize communities but to foster a successful cultural shift away from fossil fuels by developing a local renewable energy workforce.

Within our partnership, Mee Panyar will be managing the community’s transition to clean energy and facilitating all in-country operations alongside developing and implementing the capacity building program with Remote Energy.

Our engagement with different meesayar and the communities they serve has shown us that more traditional forms of education remain largely inaccessible to rural populations. This is why we are joining forces with Remote Energy to ensure that skills are made available where they are most needed. Together, we hope to develop a local knowledge base and a solid foundation off which to scale our training model such that, over time, we can decrease reliance on foreign expertise and promote growth of the local renewables industry.