Our journey is made possible by our supporters. We are deeply grateful to all who have helped us along the way: institutional partners, companies, contributors and volunteers. Thank you for enabling us to work on our mission!


 Our SupPOrteRs


Our Crowdfunding


Mee Panyar’s crowdfunding campaign was the culmination of two years of preparatory work and research. It was a special moment for us to share our story with you and receive so much love and support in return. Over 200 people came together to donate nearly 50,000 US$. We would like to thank Thomas Anciaux, Celestin Johannes Büche, Vincent Caeyers, Gabriel Greening, Lily Hosking, Marie Lall, Marten Ovaere, David Pickerell, Antonia Tran, Josephine Van Zanten, Koen Verpoorten, Eric Youngren, and everyone else who contributed. Special thanks also to the teams of Energy 4 Impact (UK Aid) and StartSomeGood.


Relive the campaign!

Over the course of the crowdfunding campaign, we shared numerous stories with you. In our campaign video, we introduced you to the challenges and opportunities of Myanmar’s off-grid sector, Mee Panyar’s unique solution, and our pilot village and partner, meesayar Ko Aung Mo Wing. We dove a little deeper into the existing self-help electrification practices, mini-grids and their operators. We talked about the benefits of improving electricity access for rural communities. We introduced you to our partner, Remote Energy, who are helping us with the development of a tailored training program for Myanmar’s rural electricians. Finally, our founder, Natasha, shared her story, how she ended up in Myanmar and what her aspirations are for Mee Panyar. Relive all these stories, and find new ones, on our blog!